LUNA Mexican Restaurant faced an emergency rebrand situation at the end of the 2022, due to personal reasons. It was still in their planning phase when the owner reached out to me to start with the new name discovery and look for the already established restaurant, since 2015, at that Argyll Road corner, which I have helped designing since the beginning. I took their original concept and essence to revamp and modernize it to make it truly pop. I developed their visual identity and adapted branding elements for all of their print and digital marketing materials, from their menu to exterior signage and their social media launch campaign.

With 6 years (and counting!) of success in the Edmonton food scene, LUNA continues to be an amazing client! It has been a pleasure to build a positive and fun working relationship with their team. I also had the opportunity to bring culture and life to their restaurant with some amateur interior-design and with a custom, hand-painted mural.