Hola! I’m Angelica AKA Gela

I am a Senior Graphic Designer based in Edmonton, AB. I currently work for Catapult Marketing as a contractor and as a freelancer with my own clients as Gelopolis, where I collaborate with colleagues and specialists in different areas to accomplish each project’s needs.

Originally I am from Veracruz, Mexico, where I received my Bachelor’s Degree in Graphic Design, and where I love to visit as often as I can.

I am an award-winning graphic designer with over 13 years of studio and freelance experience based in Mexico and Canada. I enjoy a creative challenge and strive to achieve maximum results every time. My past clientele consists of a wide range of industries and services, from oil and gas companies and corporate businesses to restaurants and non-profit organizations such as Adaptabilities with Catapult Marketing, HUMA Restaurant, Covenant Health and ARQUETIPO.

My expertise covers many areas of graphic design including logo design and visual identity for corporate branding, print marketing, illustration, publications and web design projects.

In 2008, my logo design won 4th place in an International Branding Contest for the new identity of Mexico City. In 2013, I received an award for the mascot design of the XXII Central America & Caribbean Games and, in 2014, an Annual Report I designed for Beaumont Credit Union won an award from Credit Union Central of Canada.

As my passion also involves painting and illustrating with more creative freedom as Gela Maravilla, I can adapt my artistic and corporate skills to any project that requires creative design.

Please take a look at my portfolio with my most recent projects and enjoy!